Of all the renovations to choose to tackle, bathrooms are up on the list in popularity. Having a spacious bathroom is nice. If you’ve got the square footage available, who wouldn’t want a giant jacuzzi tub and waterfall shower where they can escape the stresses of life? But it’s also a room where durability and functionality matter. Plus, you’re likely to see a return on the investment if you’re considering selling in the near future. Styles and trends come and go, but luckily, many of the trends in 2019 are intrinsically classic and will withstand the test of time.

Be Bold

Perhaps the most common trend in bathrooms is bold statements. What exactly is a bold statement in the bathroom other than the aftermath of a taco festival? Well, that’s really up to you. All black bathrooms bring about a certain high-end spa element to your water closet. Black on black textured wallpaper, black quartz, granite, or marble, black fixtures, black accent pieces. You could literally go all black and be in with this sophisticated wave of style.

A bold pattern on pattern wallpaper in a smaller bathroom or ensuite is a useful decorative choice for making smaller spaces feel bigger.  If you’re not a fan of wallpaper in the bathroom (we totally feel you) one large statement piece of art in your bathroom will serve as an enticing focal point in an otherwise minimalist bathroom. Art Deco style fixtures are making a comeback and certainly strike a bold pose in any bathroom.

Merging Industrial With Natural Materials

Wood and concrete. One occurs in nature in a variety of shades and textures, the other is bland and man-made. However, fusing the two together with stone or concrete walls and sustainable bamboo floors can create a space that’s brings a certain sense of balance to your chaotic world. Wood elements can even be implemented in the vanity or storage bins. Choosing a sleek and sophisticated dark grey granite with bright wood creates a beautiful contrast. Or flip it and settle for a bright, crisp white quartz and darker wood floors, or even shades of beachwood gray.

Change Your View

Bathrooms with vanities set up against a window are taking the bathroom world by storm. Mirrors can be suspended from the ceiling or top of the window frame, or mounted on the wall with a retractable arm. Not only does it open you up to a view of the outside, but it naturally provides great lighting.

Wood, Pewter, Gunmetal, and Matte

These textures and shades are popping up everywhere. Wood can be implemented in little accessories or as the vanity. Fixtures made in pewter or gunmetal black are both smooth and subtle and look great in either a brightly colored bathroom, or a monochromatic design palette.

Open Up

Open floor plans aren’t just limited to living rooms and kitchens. Many people are implementing the open concept into their bathrooms with steel or mirror privacy walls. If you’re not ready to take it that far just yet, you could opt for an open shower. In place of a door or curtain, a single sheet of glass covering a small section of the shower/bath is a beautiful, modern way to open up your space and let those gorgeous new fixtures shine.