Bring Your Home To Life With Living Coral

Pantone Colors have been bringing us a new, individual color of the year for the last 5 decades. It’s their way of translating what they think the year will bring – or what we’ll need from it – into color. This year’s color couldn’t be more perfect. Living Coral is everywhere! From design and fashion trends to personal items like notebooks and water bottle, even advertising is affected by this color. This color reminds us to find the joy in everyday life with an uplifting hue that’s as energizing as it is lovely. Here’s a list of ways you can bring the joyous, vibrant energy of the color into your daily life through home decor.

Statement Art

A popular trend in home design is large statement pieces of artwork. With this color popping up all around, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a piece with this pretty shade included. Or flip this idea in reverse and find a fabulously large wood frame, paint it yourself in Living Coral, and treat your living, bed, or bathroom to a large black and white print of your favorite photo. Geometric artwork is also making a comeback. Visit your favorite craft store to see what types of geometrically shaped bases they have that you can paint. You’re only as limited as your imagination.


One of the easiest (and cheaper) ways to bring your rooms to life with a little Living Coral is with accents pieces. Accent pieces can ultimately be anything. Blankets/throws, rugs, pillows, curtains, candles or vases. If it’s time to upgrade your old bathroom, search around for a set of soap dispenser, toothbrush holder/tumbler, and trash can to refresh the space. Or replace the towels and matts. Same thing goes for the bedroom. If you’re in the market for new sheets and have a fairly neutral set-up, Living Coral colored sheets can give just enough oomph to brighten your space without a full transformation. If you’ve got a kitchen screaming for something extra, tea towels, tea kettle, or a spoon holder will bring the right kind of spunk to your space.

Be Bold

If this color truly speaks to you, you could always throw it up on the wall with a new coat of paint. If you have a smaller room with an overall neutral palette, make the room appear bigger by painting the ceiling. Make a real statement by painting a chevron pattern up above. You can alternate white with Living Coral to break up the design, or choose a darker and a lighter shade of Living Coral to create a stunning pattern that draws the eyes up and makes your room feel bigger without tearing down any walls.

Life Begets Life

In fairness, this is not a neutral color and does not go with absolutely everything. Most of these options may not work in your home, especially if you’ve curated a very specific design aesthetic. There is, however, an inexpensive and perfect fix for this situation: fresh flowers. A simple glass vase with a slight taper to it can hold whatever variety of flower you prefer in a shade right on or near enough to Living Coral that you can always have this uplifting color somewhere in your home. The best part of this option? You can either stick with the same variety of flowers or change it up whenever you feel like it. Roses, Lilies, Tulips, Ranunculus, Peonies, and the list goes on. There never need be a dull moment in your home with this Living Coral implementation. And nothing lifts a mood like fresh flowers.

There you have it. Options galore of ways you can bring life into your home and pep up the look and feel of your rooms with the glorious color that is Living Coral.